Choosing A Selling Price A Your Book

Choosing A Selling Price For A Book

In this blog post, I will cover the important topic of choosing a selling price for a book. It’s a question I get asked time and again by many aspiring authors and self-publishers.

To accompany the blog post, I have also recorded a short video below, which explains my views and opinions as to how you can select the correct price for both fiction and non-fiction books.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Price For A Book

You should consider these following important points as they will influence what price to pitch your book at:

What are your competitors selling their books at on Amazon?

As part of your research, take a look on Amazon to see what other people in the same genre are selling their books at. I personally do not think you should undercut your competitors; however, the price-point they sell their book at could help you to determine your own price.

What ‘value’ does your content have?

For example, if your non-fiction book helps people to get a dream job that will land them 30k per annum, the content is worth far more than a generic ‘interview skills’ book.

How many pages of content is your book?

This could be an influencing factor for many reasons. First, if your book is relatively short (64-100 pages), you may not get away with selling it for £13+. Second, if your book is 400+ pages in length, you will need to pitch the book at a price-point that will make you a profit. It is not worth selling your book for a price that makes you zero profit!

You can charge more for a print version than Kindle

Most people are prepared a bit more for a print book. For example, most of my print books in the non-fiction genre sell between £13-£15. For some, depending o the length and the technical detail of the content, I will go slightly higher to £19 or even sometimes £19. For Kindle versions, I never go above £10.

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