How To Increase Book Sales on Amazon

Over the last few years I have been looking into the number of different ways an author can literally double his or her sales within 10 days. This article and video will aim to teach you how to increase book sales on Amazon:

One of the frustrations many authors are faced with following the initial launch of their book is to maintain a strong level of sales. With more and more people choosing to self-publish, it is absolutely vital that authors learn how to promote their book(s).

Before the launch of the book – How To Increase Book Sales on Amazon

Prior to the launch of any book an author should ensure the following are in place to maximise sales of book:

1. Place the book on Amazon on pre-order as far in advance of the book launch as possible. If possible, aim for 6 months in advance. The reason for this is that once your book is placed on pre-order it will start to list on the Amazon rankings and eventually on Google’s natural search pages.

When it comes to the lunch date for the book, you will be further ahead than if you had not placed it on pre-order. By following this important tips you will learn how to increase book sales on Amazon.

How To Increase Book Sales on Amazon

2. Create and upload a front book cover image to Amazon that is both clear, easy to read/identify and is representative of the actual book itself. The reason why I mention this is because it is pointless working hard to improve your book sales if your book cover does not meet the this criteria. I have known of many authors who try very hard to improve their book sales, but their book cover is either so poor in design or confusing that nobody will want to buy it.

The fact is, people DO judge a book by its cover!

To learn more about how to create a book cover design which will help your book sales, please visit this page.

3. You now need to drive as much traffic to your book’s sales-page as possible. The bottom line with regards to how to increase your book sales is to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to your book. When I say targeted traffic, I actually mean people who will have an interest in your book. The video which is listed on this page will show you how to get lots of targeted traffic to your book page on either Amazon or your own website.

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