How To Write And Self-Publish A Book


Hundreds of people, just like you, are starting to realise that it is possible to write and publish a book in under 3o days.

In this article it is my intention to provide you with my proven strategies for reaping financial reward from writing and self-publishing books.

Can you write a book in under 30 days?

STEP 1 – Set Yourself A Goal!

The first stage in writing and self-publishing books is to sit down and work out exactly how much you want to make per money from your writing efforts.

I advise that you start off with realistic aims. For example, when I first started out as a self-publisher I aimed to sell 50 books a day. Assuming that I would make £5 net profit per book sold, this would give me £250 a day, 7 days a week. Over the course of a month I would see a return of £7500. I soon achieved this goal. Like I say, it is important to set yourself realistic targets. Basically, the higher your initial financial requirements or goals, the more books you will probably have to write in order to achieve them.

STEP 2 – Choose a Book Category from

Once you have set your financial goals you now need to choose your book category and also your book idea. To get started, I suggest you visit and research the different book categories that are available. It is important to do this because your chosen book category should be aligned with those on This is because will be the place you will sell the majority of your books. By aligning your book correctly with the categories on Amazon you will give yourself a better chance of becoming a best-selling author.

How To Write A Book

Once you have chosen your preferred book category you now need to come up with your idea for a book.

In order to achieve this I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

Q. What do I have knowledge of, or expertise in?

Q. What am I passionate about?

Q. Do I ever get asked for help or advice from friends, family or other people?

Q. What qualifications have I got or what training courses have I been on?

Q. What jobs have I had during my career?

Q. Do I have any friends or relatives who can help me to write a book?

By asking yourself all of the above questions you will be able to come up with ideas for books. For example, by asking myself the first question I was able to create a series of books based around ‘career recruitment’, simply because I was an expert in this area.

STEP 3 – Check to See if there is Demand for Your Book

Once you have a potential idea for a book I advise that you use the Google Keyword Planner tool to determine whether there are any people searching for your book. If there are, and there is low or zero competition on Amazon, then you might just have an idea for a great book!

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STEP 4 – Order your Book Cover Design artwork

The next stage is to order the book cover for your book. Yes, that’s right… before you even start to write the book I advise that you order the book cover design and get the book uploaded to Amazon on pre-order.

With regards to Amazon you have two options for selling your book: Amazon Create Space or Amazon Advantage.

The advantage for getting your book on pre-order before you even start writing it is simply because it allows you to promote your book in advance of the pre-determined book launch. It will also give you a kick up the backside to get started with your book, if you are the type of person who needs it!

STEP 5 – Create your Book Chapters and write the book

Now you need to start writing your book. To get started, create a minimum of 10 chapter headings. Try to be creative with your chapter titles, as this will keep your readers interested in your content.

Once you have chosen 10 chapters you can start to write the content. You do not need to start writing at the first chapter; instead, choose a chapter that will get you really interested and passionate about writing.

As a general guide, I advise that you write your manuscript in Microsoft word, font size 12 with a paragraph spacing of 1.5.

STEP 6 – get your book proofread and edited

Once you have completed your book, and you are 100% happy with the content, you need to get it proofread and edited. This is important because we need to ensure that your book(s) receive good reviews. It is pointless spending your time writing a book with great content, only for it to receive poor reviews through a lack of proofreading or editing.

STEP 7 – get your book typeset and converted for Kindle

The next stage is to get your book typeset and format for Kindle conversion. Typesetting is the process of getting your book ready for print format and it should be typeset in a style that is consistent with your book cover and brand.

For Kindle formatting, do not use any of the online self-formatting software tools, unless you are fully conversant with their use, as these can often lead to inaccuracies in formatting, which will in turn lead to poor reviews on your book.

There are many useful and professional outsourcing websites you can use to get both typesetting and Kindle conversion carried out; an example of which is

STEP 8 – publish your book

Once you are happy with both Kindle conversion and typesetting, you are now almost ready to publish. How To Write and Self Publish A Book means being able to publish your book in both print and Kindle format.

First of all, get the full book cover jacket created by your graphic designer. This should include the ISBN and bar code. If you are choosing to publish on Amazon Createspace then you will not need to do this, as Amazon will take care of the process for you, including Amazon Kindle conversion.

If you are not going to use Amazon CreateSpace then you need to set up both your Amazon Advantage Account (printed/physical copies) and also your Amazon Digital Text Platform account (Kindle publishing).

Once you set up each of these accounts you just need to follow the uploading and publishing steps within your account area to get your book live, the process of which is generally straightforward.

What happens next? – how to promote your book once it is published

Once your book is live and on sale you now need to start promoting your book. This is where most authors fail.

To help you get started, I have created a video entitled how to increase book sales on Amazon, which I encourage you to watch.

It is important to do as much promotional work as possible, as this will help to get some strong initial sales and reviews for your book. Whilst there are a large number of ways to promote your book, some of my favourites include:

– Creating related videos that focus on the content of your book and uploading them to YouTube. Make sure you add a link to your book sales page below the YouTube video. This will encourage people to buy your book after they have watched your video.

– For fiction books and novels, build a fan base using Twitter and Facebook. Tell people about the characters in your book and storyline and also consider giving away a free copy of your book as a prize to your followers and fans.

– For non-fiction titles make good use of LinkedIn to promote your book. This can be done to great effect by creating LinkedIn ‘posts’. Create an informative and interesting post on LinkedIn and make sure you create a link at the bottom of the article back to your books sales page on Amazon or your own website.


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