Writing A Book – Getting Started by Richard McMunn


Perhaps one of the toughest things to do when writing a book is actually getting started. In this short video and blog article, I will give you some useful tips that will enable you to actually sit down and get started writing your very first book.

The first important thing to remember is that you must make time to write. Whilst that sounds obvious, most aspiring author ‘put off’ their writing for another day, only to find a year has soon gone by and they still have made zero progress. My advice is to:

TIP NUMBER 1: Put in your DIARY the time(s) you are going to dedicate time to writing.

This has always worked for me. Just like I used to put work meetings and other important commitments in my diary, I always make sure I diary time for writing content. Whether you have an iPhone or physical diary is irrelevant, just make sure you diarise writing time well in advance (usually one month in advance will suffice).









TIP NUMBER 2: Decide which time of day you are most CREATIVE.

I have to admit, the time of day I am most creative is late in the evening. However, I fully understand this will not work for everyone. When I first started writing books and content I used to sit in my cellar from 8 pm until 1 am! Suffice to say, I managed to get LOTS of content down during that time.

Some people like to write content very early in the morning before the go to work, and if this approach works best for you, so be it. This important thing to remember is that you should only ideally write content when you feel at your most creative.

Decide on the time of day you are going to be most creative and stick to it.

TIP 3: Where’s the best place to WRITE? [LOCATION].

The final tip I have for you is to think about the venue or location you are going to get the most writing done in the time you have at your disposal. 

When I first started writing books I used to sit in my cellar. As time went on, and the more coffee shops that appeared on my local high street, the more I was tempted to write there, simply because I actually liked the social aspect of it. Yes, I agree, in a coffee shop there are distractions, such as noise and the temptation to get up and buy cake and coffee. However, I have to admit I do like writing content in coffee shops, as opposed to sitting in my cellar!

The other option you have with regards to writing content for your book is to actually go away somewhere. I often travel to the Lake District in Cumbria to write books as I find the change in scenery often inspiring. 

The bottom line is this: always dedicate time to writing by putting it in your diary. Choose a time of day to write when you are going to be most productive and creative. And finally, choose a location to write that inspires you.

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