Welcome to the official website of Richard McMunn

So, you want to become a published author and get your book on sale in Waterstones and Amazon?

Welcome to the official website of award-winning, best-selling author, Richard McMunn.

Richard McMunn, one of the UK’s most successful published authors, is now giving a limited number of people the opportunity to work closely with him for an entire 12-month period to get their book published in both printed format and Kindle.


Dear author,

As soon as you enrol onto my programme it is important that you contact me as soon as possible to arrange our first one-to-one session with each other. Once you enrol you will immediately be sent my personal email address so that you can contact me to arrange our first meeting. You will also receive a welcome letter in the post within 2-3 days of your enrolment onto my programme. The initial one-to-one meeting will last for 1-hour and will take place at the following address:

The Book Publishing Academy
Suite 3
50 Churchill Square
Kings Hill
Kent ME19 4YU

During the first meeting/consultation we will aim to get to know each other better and also implement the action plan for your book. I will help you to choose the subject and the book title. Whilst most people take my advice on the type of book to write, you may already have your own ideas/desires of what you want to write, in which case that will be absolutely fine. During the first session we will also establish your ‘brand’  and identity and what we want the book to do for YOU.

Once we have established the book subject, brand and title I will then explain what you should include within your book, including chapter titles, depth of content and the suggested length of the book. It will then be down to you to go away and write the book with me as your mentor. Some people decide to outsource the writing element of the book, by utilising the skills of a ghost-writer. Again, I can help and advise you on this course of action if you so decide.

When you leave our first meeting together you will have a clear action plan of what you need to do before we implement stage 2 of the publishing programme.


Once the book is written I will then take the time to read through your content and provide you with any feedback or recommendations for improvement (if required). At this stage I will also put you in touch with a proof-reader and you can arrange for the book to be proofread.

At this stage of the process we will also discuss the artwork for your book. Whilst I will pay for the artwork to be designed it is important that I get a feel for the type of cover design you want for your book. Alternatively, if you have no preference to the artwork design, then my design team will use their skills and expertise to create it for you along with my advice and recommendations.


During this stage we will open your author account on Amazon and I will teach you how to:

  • Create an Amazon Author Central account
  • Upload your author image
  • Create and upload your author profile
  • Upload your book cover and book description so that your book is on pre-order to millions of customers worldwide.

You will have my full support every step of the way and I will be on hand to advise and guide you through email support every day of the 12-month programme.


Once the book has been proofread I will then arrange for the book to be typeset. In basic terms, typesetting is the preparation of the written document into PDF format, so the book can be printed. The typesetting will be created around your “brand”, which we will have discussed and agreed during stage 1 of the process. This usually takes 10-days to create. During stage 4 I will also get your book formatted for Amazon Kindle launch. This process is usually quicker that typesetting but it is safer for me to state that this will be complete within 10-days.


Once we have the typeset document back from the typesetting team I will then send the document over to you by email for you to check over for any final errors/alterations.


Once you are happy with the book typesetting we can then arrange for the final book cover jacket to be created. This will include details of the spine text and logo, bar code, ISBN number (International Standard Book Number), spine width and also the text that will go onto the rear cover of your book. This will only take a maximum of 7-days to create.


Once you are happy with the final artwork we will then go to print and upload your eBook version to be on sale through the Amazon Kindle Digital Text Platform. The book printing only takes 10-days complete, after which you will receive 100 copies sent directly to you by courier. After this we will arrange for another meeting/consultation when we will discuss the marketing and promotion of your book.

To register your interest in my programme, please contact me at richardmcmunn@how2become.co.uk 

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